pH Neutralization

Due to increased levels of CO2 and Sulfur Dioxide in the atmosphere, rainfall has become more acidic in many areas of the world. In areas where geologic formations that neutralize that acidity are absent, low pH rain water can percolate through the ground, and be pumped into water well systems.  When the acidic water comes into contact with copper plumbing and household appliances the result is corrosion.  Indications of this condition include blue and/or green stains on the porcelain, and premature failure of hot water heaters, metallic plumbing, fittings and valves. Often due to the high levels of copper leached from the plumbing, a disagreeable metallic taste can be present in the drinking water.  Depending on the level of acidity and other factors, various pH neutralizing filters can be installed to protect the plumbing, hot water heater, appliances, valves and fittings from the corrosive effects of low pH. Once the pH of the water has been corrected by the installation of a properly sized and installed neutralization system, further pH related corrosion can be halted, and most of the visible indicators of low pH will be absent or minimized.