Water Softening

In many areas, underground deposits of limestone can dissolve into the water causing “hard water”.  Some of the effects of hard water include dingy laundry, stiff/brittle hair, itchy skin and scalp.  Hardness can also cause high energy cost due to scaling, or the buildup of limestone crystal inside of hot water heaters, heat exchangers, and boilers. Ion exchange water conditioners can remove calcium and magnesium hardness from the water providing homeowners, and business many benefits, including cleaner laundry with less detergent required, softer skin and hair, reduced energy consumption from hot water heaters, and steam boilers, cleaner dishware, and porcelain along with extended life of plumbing fixtures and water using appliances. 

Recent advances in treatment technology, and increasing regulation have produced advances in resin treatment systems allowing for salt-free technology. While these systems currently do not provide all the benefits of ion exchange water conditioning, they produce measurable decreases in scale formation inside plumbing and hot water heaters, and due to their lack of salt usage and need for backwash, they provide a more environmentally friendly option to traditional treatment methods.