The right team for any job


For almost three decades, AEI's team of professionals has installed and maintained water treatment systems across Central Virginia, providing thousands of happy customers with fresh, clean water.



On-site Service

All water systems require periodic upkeep. Whether AEI performed your installation or not, we service most makes and models of water treatment systems on-site. Contact us to schedule maintenance or an estimate.


Residential Installation

Clean water in the home is one of the most basic needs. Fresh, clean water is not only a necessity for drinking, but it also improves cleanliness, appearance, and lifespan of household goods and appliances. 



Commercial Installation

Providing a sparkling experience to your customers is your top priority. Don't let dirty, odorous water or tarnished appliances taint your appearance. 


Industrial Installation

Manufacturing and industrial water systems are critical to the output of your business. Their cleanliness is directly related to your bottom line, and failure or improper maintenance can be killer.